Liming Heavy Industry (Beijing branch)provides rock processing equipments to support the construction, mining and recycle industries. The company brings long-term new technological development to make our machine a global leader in crushing, grinding and screening technology.

With over 20 years of experiences, our company offers complete processing solutions or individual components including crushers, grinding mills, sand making machines, washing equipments, vibrating screens, feeders, conveyors and related replacement parts.
We offer pre-engineered and custom designed equipment in many sizes which may be track mounted, tyre type or stationary.(n) raw or unprocessed materials

Liming (Beijing branch)introduce high-quality raw materials, Each purchase channels have been strict control and supervision to ensure the reliability and stability  and quality of raw materials . And to ensure low prices.

The Liming (Beijing branch)Crushing Machines Process in 3-D Drawings
This is an example of manufacturing progression of our crawler mobile crushing plant product line presented in 3-D drawings. A 3-D drawing accompanies each parts of the assembly process and we can know the working principle well directly from the drawings.

We consider our Fabrication Department the hearbeat of the factory-because it sets the pace of all production. This is where the physical manufacturing process actually begins.
Here, every part and component we've designed is fabricated from the pieces created in prefarication. These parts and components are then distributed throughout the factory to go into their respective machines.
The fabrication process requires great precision, since many of the parts we make are very intricate.

Almost every type of welding is done in our factory-from custom off-hand welding jobs to automated robotic welding.
The majority of our small-component welding, including all handcrafting, is done here. Some large weldments are also made here, though they're generally done throughout the factory.

At this stage, all the pieces, parts, components and weldments that go into our various products are assembled. It's worth noting that some orders are built to customer and application specifications, some are built according to standardized designs.
Many different techniques-from handword to the use of advanced technology-come into play during the final-assembly stage of our products.
As an example, consider how our crawler mobile crushing plants are put together.

Quality Assurance
At Liming(Beijing branch), we take great pride in our work. That's why quality assurance is treated as a critical concern through every step of our manufacturing process, beginning to end.
An inspection area is dedicated for all machined items, with inspections performed at each stage of the production line.
The last step involves our Quality Assurance Manager who sees to it that every machine is thoroughly checked out for functionality.

Final Paint
We've found it easier to paint our machines before we do the final assembly, instead of doing it the other way around.
Each machine or subassembly is thoroughly washed before it goes into the paint booths. All painting is done by hand.

Operations Testing
After the final paint, each machine will be tested to ensure each machine is in good performance before being shipped. Essentially, this is a final Quality Assurance inspection, where operators verify that the machine is functioning properly at all levels of performance.