Cone crushers for secondary and fine crushing have high inertia. In connection with the launch of such a crusher is accompanied by a throw of current, supply the drive motor. But there is no special preparation for start-up, as, for example, have a jaw crusher, here is not required. The only prerequisite for the start-up is complete cleaning of working space on the rocks. As this work is more complicated and prolonged stoppage should be avoided stop crusher with a loaded workspace. This stop may be allowed only in case of emergency.

  To facilitate the work for clearance of working space and to reduce associated with the idle factories or sections enjoy some special techniques.

  It is sometimes possible to divide all the material that filled the workspace by rocking splitting up cone. To do this, briefly include the drive motor for rotation alternately in one, then in another direction. It should be borne in mind that the crushers having-oil pump directly from the shaft crushers, change direction of rotation of the electric motor drive is inadmissible, since the change of rotation direction, as already pointed out, the pump will also work in the opposite direction - forward oil from the crusher.

  Excitation of the cone almost does not work when pressing the working space wet or clay and then cleaning it manually is inevitable. In this case it is expedient to increase the discharge gap crusher due to the tightening up of the stationary cone on the value of the stock compression safety springs. Used for this purpose are jacks, established the basis for the Foundation of the crusher, and the head under the support ring. You can use the bridge crane, if he has sufficient capacity. Due to the compression safety springs lifts the upper portion of the crusher and thus increases the width of the discharge gap. This greatly facilitates the work on cleaning the crusher.

  When idling normally functioning crusher, mobile cone her intensely swinging, standing on the ground or spinning in the direction of rotation of the eccentric or against him with a speed of no more than 10 rpm. When loading crusher frictional force arising between the cone and дробимым material, carries crushing cone in rotation around its axis in the direction opposite to the rotation of the eccentric. If the mobile cone in idle mode is fond of in quick rotation around its axis in the same direction as the eccentric, then it points to the increased force of friction between the shaft shaft and cone sleeve. This may be caused pollution of lubrication, the damage of the surface of the shaft or sleeve, but most of all-the emergence of cracks in the cone sleeve and pinched in her shaft. Further work crusher at this causes an increase in current consumption of the drive motor, the heating of components and oils.

  Attempts to stop the rotation of the cone of the loading in the working space of the breed never reach the goal and only worsen the situation.As in the case of high heating oil, and in the case of seizing shaft splitting up cone in a cone sleeve crusher must be stopped immediately to eliminate the defects that have caused its abnormal operation.To continue to work on reversing mill in no case it is impossible, as this would entail the occurrence of more serious defects (bullies shaft bushings, insert spherical bearing, etc.).