Production Sands and Natural Sands

  The sand is widely used in road construction, concrete solutions, etc. In the field of industry of the application of gradually expanding the progressive application of natural sand more work and not keep up with the various sectors of the modern world in the development needs. For the most part, artificial sand is made to meet the enormous needs.

  More complex and high-performance Machines were invented for the production of artificial sand. Here you can learn more about the definition of the machinery of sand and its wide application.

Artificial sand making machine

  Why choose liming heavy industry?

  1. The professional design of the sand-the production line.

  As a professional manufacturer of equipment for the production of sand, liming heavy industry also provide the most professional design of the sand-production line and equipment. Still, liming heavy industry has developed the design of the sand-production line for thousands of customers from more than 60 countries and serves on the ground sand decisions and the formation of sand-production line for more than 10 years. Not only in the operating factor of the material, but also in the economy of engary, liming heavy industry is at the level of the leading international.

  2. Professional sand-production equipment.

  The integration of the 3 crushing types, VSI5X crusher becomes the main equipment in the sand business. He takes German advanced technology and owns a number of patents and independent intellectual property rights. VSI5x series VSI crusher is Recommended to suppress high-quality materials, hardness, as iron ore, non-ferrous metals, aluminium oxide and bauxite, quartz sand, basalt, etc. It is widely used in industries such as specific decisions, refractory solutions, glass raw material solutions, units decisions, sand, metallurgical industry, etc.

  3. Cost and benefits.

  One client of Shandong province, China, hosting, mine courtyard, produces in the main square of stone. For the cheap price, breed shall be made in the markets is not enough. Then they piled maintain a high and take up too much space. liming heavy industry professionals help clients to complete construction of the language and select a series of VSI8518 sand machine for the suppression of waste rocks in the sand. The sand of the machine capacity is 40 t / h, and finally laid the axe handle. At an average of artificial sand and small stone-and-30 / t, so you can earn the average daily income is higher than 2,87 $ / t and the total profit in the day higher, than 7800. At the same time, making artificial from barren rock complies with the requirements of environmental protection of the state that makes our customers enjoy a duty-free on artificial sand. After this, the client receives enough profit from our cars and design, he bought 2 VSI9526 later. At present the annual output reaches to 1.03 million.