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Ask Date: 01-24-2013 16:24
Question: How to choose the right cone crusher
Detail: How to choose the right cone crusher for ore crushing?



Cone crusher is widely used in the industries of mines, cement, construction, metallurgy, etc. Cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard material. There are many types of cone crusher. In general, the cone crusher is separated into the following types: super-thick, thick, medium, thin. Cone crusher is also divided into a high-quality cone crusher, spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher.

  Selecting the appropriate cone crusher depends on the size and amount of the material comes across the treated material. If you get more material processed material, too big, then you have to choose a super-thick or thick tapered drobilu. Otherwise, choose a medium or fine cone crusher. The size of the material is considered to come across "0.85 maximum, multiplied boot gap." The uniform size of the treated material is that the maximum size of the boot gap divides the percentage of fragmentation.

  The standard cone crusher is often used in open circuit and short head cone fractions are often used in a closed cycle. When choosing with brackets, customers must consider three factors: performance, cost of energy, and when selecting iznosostoykost.Obychno cone crusher is necessary to consider the following factors: the maximum size of the file a material change in the size of the material, the location offered material durability of the material.

  The longer with brackets, the more energy required. If the solid material is crushed, it is necessary to choose a short trays. If Mace soft material, it is necessary to choose the length with brackets. In the arrangement of the material is crushed when the thin material, you must choose short with brackets, and if crushed thick material, it is necessary to choose the length with brackets. Usually the material is smaller than the size of the discharge opening, can not exceed 10% of the final volume. If above 10%, energy consumption embroidering, and the view of the treated material will be sheet. Increased water content adhesive material can affect the amount of missing material. Humidity of the material does not exceed 5%. Using the power of a standard cone crusher should reach 75% - 80%. Using the power of the short head cone crusher should be 80 - 85%.